Website Design

RedRansom understands that when it comes to websites, everyone’s needs are different. Whether its an ecommerce solution, a company intranet or a small site dedicated to a single accountants clients, RedRansom can develop a website for you with the minimum of fuss.

The most important part of any website development is finding out what you, the client needs from the website. To make it truly work for your business, we will spend as long as necessary in planning the site so that it will when complete do the job that it is being written for – and that is making money for your business.

We build our websites by getting you involved from the start. It is important that when the process of building a website starts that we know exactly what you want so, we put a lot of importance of having design meetings and discussions before anything is put down.

There is no sense in using tools that are difficult to use and in the case of websites we use the tool that is used by over 40% of the worlds websites and that is WordPress.

As the website is being built we ask that you are happy with what is going on. We usually put up the site as it matures into a place that is easily accessible for you to review. If you have any problems we see to it that the issue is fixed, and then we get back to it.

You have a new website but you still need help and this is where we are able to offer you maintenance packages that suit your budget but also mean you get the expertise when necessary to solve those early release issues.

We can provide the following website services.