Sam Shendi Website

Sam Shendi Artist Website goes live

RedRansom are pleased to announce our most recent launch of a website for the acclaimed artist Sam Shendi (who is based in our local town but is an well known international artist).
Sam Shendi Website

We worked with Sam over a few months making sure the site showed his artwork in the best possible light. He has a large selection of artwork based in multiple categories of design using many materials so it was important that we gave each of the designs a chance to shine.

Sam at work

What was important to Sam was that he felt it was required to show the process that was required to make his artwork so we are showing where appropriate images of him working on each of the artworks. This gives the site a changing feeling as it shows what he started with and what he ended up with.


Sam has his artworks in gallery’s and exhibitions all over the world – a recent event at Johannesburg, South Africa being a great event for him.

Troy Sam has a large selection of artworks so, RedRansom could only hope to provide a sample of the works that had been built over time but we feel that with Sam’s help we have managed to build a website that will do him and his artwork a great chance of expanding his fan base.