Why do we use standards?

RedRansom uses standards to ensure that all projects have future maintenance as a priority in its makeup. Each project may need to be changed in the future and adhering to standards means that any future changes should need the least amount of investigation. All of our work also needs to conform to current accessibility requirements, so that the largest possible audience is enabled to use our work.

W3C Web Standards & Accessibility

All websites built by RedRansom are designed and developed using common w3c standards. For example, the “strict formatting” and structure of the HTML5 documents that are used in building the pages that are used. An example of this would be the website you are currently viewing.

We aim for the following standards & accessibility in any websites that we build:

  • W3C Accessibility Guidelines to enable users that use screen readers or have bad vision to use our sites successfully.
  • CSS Standards so that a sites style can be altered from one source and reduce the download size for users.

Software Development

RedRansom use Object Oriented programming methods to develop systems that are easy to maintain and improve. The initial construction is spent designing a structure for the system that can grow if the needs demand without having to relearn previous code. This speeds up the eventual deployment of systems and any future work.

Future Certifications

RedRansom are also making efforts to make sure all of the developers we employ are properly certified, whether providing services in Microsoft software or Open Source programming applications.