Website Services

We provide a number of website services that can help get you on to the web.

Logo Design

We offer a simple to use service to take your ideas of what you have in mind for your business logo and use some sketching techniques to convert these ideas into designs.

Once we have made enough designs it is up to you to decide on 1-3 of them as your favourites and then we will work to get them into a format that can then be used for your final logo.

The standard cost for this service is £50.

Banner Design

If you are wanting a banner to advertise an event or a new product that you selling then we can build one for you. This will require work from both of us to ensure you get the best design and also that it conveys the information that does best for you.

The standard cost is from £50.

Starter Website

We build websites that are an advert for your services. Starter websites are generally for businesses who are starting up or for people who need a foot into a market without a big expense.

We include the logo design to ensure you have a logo setup for the first day.

Our starting price for a starter website is £350.

Shopping Site

When you get to the stage of needing to sell your products you need to have an online presence. It is to have a brochure site for your products but it is usually better to have a place where you can take orders for your products.

This means you are selling even when your business isn’t open and when starting up you are already working most hours available.

We offer a basic shopping package that can get you started and also have the expertise to offer better services when your business requires it.

Our starting price for a shopping / eCommerce site is £750.

Social Media Pages

Most people use social media to interact with their customers. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and usually the first places people go to find out information about a business and its products.

We offer our design skills for a competitive fee to provide the designs and the artwork for up to 3 of these sites for a starting price of £100.